SunSun "Give It To Me"

SunSun duet aka Eva Peel & Mike Theis is a mix of pop synth and electro-rock influences. “Give it to me” is their first track together - although their cover of Q.Lazarus’s 80’s anthem “Goodbye horses” already featured on a DVD in 2008 illustrating John Galliano’s fashion backstage for Vogue Magazine.
Composed of a Dj/singer (Eva Peel) and a producer/composer (Mike Theis) Sunsun would like to give you a tiny ray of light for the summer.


"Give It To Me" Original Mix
"Give It To Me" Porn Synth Edit
"Give It To Me" The Penelopes Extended Remix
"Give It To Me" The Penelopes Remix

DJs feedback

Norman for dj Hell " hell will check it out for shure !!!!! "
Christophe Monier (Micronauts) " Bravo pour le maxi de SunSun, c'est du solide. Le morceau est super bien, catchy et efficace. "
Gonzalo Menoyo " Very Indie sound. Different to all what's out there. I like it!! "
DJ Nelly B " This sounds best in that stripped back Electro vibe that is the Porn Synth edit. Loaded with retro pre-nu-romantic this could find itself on many a play list, as it fits nicely with that retro revival currently in vogue. "
lorenzo al Dino " great tune, full support ! "

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