Antonine & Monsieur "Je Suis Bien"

A pure dose of naughty thoughts, "je suis bien" speaks of unfulfilled desire; an afternoon of boredom… To be consumed without moderation.


"Je Suis Bien" Original Mix
A very nice meeting in a bar between Prince and Chagrin d'Amour. Plaisir de France says OUI! French funky pop with horny lyrics.
"Je Suis Bien" Mr Claude Plaisir de Revisite
Electro pop progressive house with infectious bass.
"Je Suis Bien" Coupé de Luxe Remix
Electro speed house dedicated to the dance floor!
"Nopipenosod" Original Mix

DJs feedback

Sergio Matina " Coupé de Luxe Remix is for me... really groovy work... 8/10!!! "
Greg Oreck / Thugfucker " Sexy music for a sexy afterparty.... The original's my favorite, sure to be played in one dirty situation or another... "
Dunwich " joli joli. J'adore et je jouerai les 2 premiers ;) well done "
Discoscience " lovely ep... for me ( as a dj ), the coupe de luxe mix is one i will be using alot!!! the french vocals sound great over the kraftwerk style synths! great job! "
DJ Nelly B " Yeah, I am good with it too, especially the very funky Coupe De Luxe remix. Where did they get those water drops from. Jazzy and sultry vocals add plenty of character there. "
Stuart Millar " Coupe de Luxe mix is the one for me :) "
Lorenzo al Dino " great track, usable for radio and club ! Coupe de Luxe rmx are dope as well !!! "
jerry bouthier " la version de julien est chouette, on dirait du jacno pour after. Merci! "
Carlos de León / Canarias Radio Techno " All Mixes are Nice, but the Je Suis Bien - Mr Claude Plaisir de Revisited is my fav. Full Support !!! "

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