Alëem "Felix Yo! Remix"


- Carlos Legaz & Spider Remix
- Chef Remix
- Original

DJs feedback

Freeform Five " felix yo remix is great "
Eric Entrena (Barcelona) " Un nuevo clásico!!! Seguro que lo pincharé!!! " (A new classic!!! For sure, I’ll mix it!!!)

Graü "One"


- Kosmik Forces
- Monty Rock

DJs feedback

Trevor Jackson " Dope "
Jerry Bouthier (Continental Records) " Many thanks for the vinyls. Love the B-side on Graû ONE. Cool Echo & the Bunnymen and Fun Boy Three samples. A-side is not bad either! Pro-Zak is coming along well "


Grant Phabao "Tub Remix"


- Original
- PlaisirdePompidou Remix
- Paris Remix

DJs feedback

Mr Mönk " Plaisirdepompidou remix sounds really grate! :) Groovy, happy, nice! "
Dunwich (Les Disques du Telegraphe, Lucy) "dope"
Paco (Politics Of Dancing/Open House) "good"

Pro-Zak Nite @ Nouveau Casino

Saturday, February 14, 2009 (All day)


Julien Plaisir de France/Sweetlight
Mr Claude (Alëem/De Pompidou)
Bourgeois Méchant (La Clique/Régine)
Rob (Pop Not Pop)

RESA 01 43 57 57 40
PAF 10 euros

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